Friday, February 22, 2013

sea gulls and co.


I’m glad you are back. This post is on, as the post title insinuates, sea gulls. Some of you know I take a trip to Maine annually, so I am well acquainted with sea gulls because the house is right next to the water. They are interesting if you pay close attention to them. So many people don’t like them because they are carrion birds( birds that eat dead animals off of the road and stuff like that) and that they are cruel. Some  are actually able to speak short sentences.

Sea gulls are one of the most common sea birds having at least 45 different species, my focus is the common gull. They inhabit every continent. The common gull is mostly grey and white with black markings on the tip of the wings. The great black-backed and the herring gull are some others.

Sea gulls are scavengers, eating what they can find when they find it.They sometimes eat carrion, clams, lobsters, and small fish. they are clever birds, and they show how clever they are when they eat, they first find a large clam and find a long flat rock, fly over it and then SPLAT !!!!!!! the clam is destroyed. It happens because the clam Is pulling in so hard that the extra pressure from the out side  bursts the shell wide open leaving the clam defenseless against the hungry gull.

they are also among the most intelligent birds some even learning to speak. they clean up the beaches after careless tourists, clean the waters of eye-sore carcasses, and help eat the carcasses on the road. so remember the gulls are an important member of the clean up squad.

That’s it, tell me how you liked it or leave suggestions for future posts in the comment box. remember to be thankful always.


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