Tuesday, March 29, 2011

all about: guinea fowl

I looked up guineas. They came from Africa on the Guinea coast into Europe in the late 15th century.  They are a family of insect and seed eating, ground nesting birds. They are suppose to lose their feathers on their head. Some kinds are pretty ugly. Some are pretty cool.

malakoff life march 2011 043

(our 3 turkeys and the guinea behind them)

My favorite one is the crested guinea fowl. (we do not have one of these)

crested guinea fowl

They are native to Africa and are large birds measuring  40-71cm in length and they weigh 700 to 1600g. They are used to control ticks sometimes. If you wanted to eat them (after you cook them) they will look like a chicken and their taste is suppose to be in between turkey and chicken.

bye and remember JESUS LOVES YOU


Monday, March 28, 2011

Bird Update


every morning at 7:00  I  let the birds out (chickens etc.) it is hard work we have 4 coops, 50 chickens   = hard work .
we have guineas and turkeys, we have 4 guineas, and 3 turkeys. a guinea got away last night. we found it this morning after school.
we have 2 white turkeys, 1 bronze.   we have 2 boys ,1 girl. the boys fight over the girl. to do this  they puff up and chase each other off.
it will be fun to see what they taste like