Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Incubating Eggs

Sorry I have not blogged in a while.  We just started school, last week. We are schooling a friend too.


brooder 2

day old chicks



We have incubating 20 eggs, 6 have hatch so far. I got to watch two eggs hatch, it was amazing to watch them break a hole in the egg and then slowly break out.  We would let them dry off a bit in the incubator, and then we would moved them to the brooder.  Then we would show them how to drink.
It was so amazing to see a egg transform into a chick.
here is a video of a chick hatching
last few eggs
So good by for now and remember Jesus loves you
for our incubator: foam cooler, shop light, 15 watt bulb,and a piece of glass.  
for our brooder: large plastic bin, wood chips, feed,and water.


  1. Boy Jacob that was soooo coooool!!!!!!!!!!! watching them hatch. We can't wait to see yhe next ones come out into the world. Love you, Uncle Louie & Nana Peg.

  2. that is super cool jacob! i love how the one chick came over to the other one at the end...it was like he was wanting to help him out:)

  3. Hi Jacob, I follow your families blog & decided to come check yours out too.
    You do so many fun, cool, wonderful things! I am jealous. lol.
    I look forward to reading more about your animals. I love animals too.
    I have 2 doggies & 6 kitties. ALL of them were homeless on the street & I took them in & got them healthy & now I love them & they are safe.
    God blessed us all.

    Bless you & your family.