Monday, July 18, 2011

Book Review : It Couldn’t Just Happen

it  couldnt just happen cover

Jacob’s Opinion (5th grader):

I think it is a good book. I liked that they look at the beginning of the World from a Christian point of view. They offer explanations for the “big bang” that support a Biblical view. I though this book was very easy to read, took about five to ten minutes to read  each chapter.

After reading the first chapter I am really excited about reading it for school. I thought the “Just for Fun” suggestions were pretty cool. I really liked the pictures that were in each chapter. I am glad there are books we can use for school that teach from a Christian view point.

I liked how they explained how evolution is proven with evidence with micro evolution, and how there was no support for macro evolution : gradual changes from environmental changes versus an animal changing into another animal.  This books make these things easy to understand.

Mom’s Opinion:

I really like this book! I initially scanned it, since we will be using it for a school book in our homeschool this year. At the end of each chapter there is a “Just for Fun” section that offers some practical ways to see or test what you just read. These are as simple as standing outside, holding a dime an arm’s length away and guessing how many stars the dime covers (ans. 15 million). I love that I could do these with my kids or with friends who are over. This book has suggestions that are very practical applications to help them grasp some complex concepts.

This would be a great family book, for those trying to equip their children to trust the truths of a Christian World view. If offers a great deal of evidence for all areas to include : creation, the universe, living things, and humankind. The pictures are captivating and draw the reader in. It Couldn’t Just Happen would be a great reference book also for a family looking for evidence and support for a Biblical Worldview to help their children as they navigate science taught from an evolutionary perspective. After each subject addressed it points back to “What does the Bible say..”

Before getting this book to review a friend told me her girls read it years ago for school and were reluctant to part with it because they enjoyed it so much. I am quite sure that this book will reside somewhere my boys can reach it easily in the future because it is such a beautifully illustrated, fun book to read over and over.

Disclaimer : This book was offered at no cost to our family, in exchange for an honest review of the book.

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